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Friday, November 11, 2011

Catch Up

Parked along "Historic" Highway Route 66
Here's a short summary of our activities to date:

We left Alaska on July 24 and since that date have mostly been traveling between or at:   Marie and Wally Soroka's "winter" place in Colville, WA, at Glenna and Don Druyvestein's home in Sequim WA, at Charlotte and Kris Becker's in Oak Harbor WA;  or with George's family at Waldport and Jefferson OR.  We want to thank everyone for their hospitality (without it we would have truly been homeless and likely broke) and also for showing us around their areas.  

After what seemed forever we left from Sequim to finally picked up our trailer on October 26 in Chilliwack, BC.  We cleared customs that day and drove back to Sequim WA to load the trailer for departure.

We started the trailer part of our adventure with a short shake down camping trip with Don and Glenna.  We now know how to set the trailer up in the rain and that poop runs downhill.  Glenna also added some must have trailer supplies to those that George's dad and sister had already provided..  Thanks to all.

It took us a few days to travel down to a RV park outside Needles CA recommended by Don and Glenna.  We were ready to get off the highway and park for a while.  I believe we are the youngest people here.  We are learning how to live in such a small space.  Both George and Teal are being troopers.

We have generally been spending a day in the RV park and then a day exploring.  Teal and I have been walking in the desert.  She sure has a long tongue.

Yesterday we drove down to Quartzsite AZ to view what will likely be our next camping location.  I thought it was "neat"; George not so much.   Acres and acres (and acres) of BLM land to just park the trailer as a minimal cost, but no water or bathrooms nearby.  From what I gather it is early in the camping season, but Quartzite itself was really hopping.

Teal at her station in trailer doorway
To date items that stick in our memory are: catching up with family and friends, the Colville WA fair, going to see Roller Derby, surviving driving the trailer onto the ferry in Washington and the California traffic, and George seeing a snake eating a lizard at Needles CA.

After I figure out more about this Blog thing I will try to update it when we do anything I think is of interest.

A special  thank you to Marie and Wally, Maggie and Dan, Sandi and Harry, Glenna and Don and Marilyn and Sam for messing with our mail, I bet we are the only couple with so many postal workers helping us out.

Love to ALL.